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In this chapter I have linked my own personal recordings of EVP and therefore I can guarantee they are all GENUINE and UNMOLESTED. All these EVP's were recorded by myself and the recording device was never out of my sight. Unlike most recording devices I am able to adjust the input recording level.  
SITUATION: The following EVP recordings were completed at Wincham Hall Hotel, Northwich Cheshire 20th February 2016 as part of a 'Ghost Hunt' at the venue which had a long standing reputation as being haunted. This event was well organised by 'Feathers Academy' and had a number of functions taking place including CCTV monitoring. At around 1am I attended a seance in the chapel area and recorded the full seance which lasted 35 minutes. The only two people speaking was the medium 'Steve Furlong' and one of those attending the seance who asked a few questions. There were large periods of silence throughout which made this perfect for EVP recording. The quality of the EVP differ but I have left the order of the recordings the same as how they were heard.

In total I was able to record 12 sounds, ten voices and two noises that could not be heard during this period. The recorder was sited 20 feet away from the main seance table which was circular with nine people seated round it. I have placed some of the more clearer recordings below together with an explanation. If you feel that my interpretation of the word or words is wrong, please contact me with your own interpretation.

For serious researchers I am able to provide the full EVP recording session and in WAV format. For demonstration purposes I have used 320 kbps mp3 format on this web site.
The medium was speaking and asking for spirit to make contact. A voice clearly interacts with the medium and answers 'NO'.  You can hear the word at 3/4 seconds.

WINCHAM HALL SAMPLE TWO: 'Paula Paula' next to microphones.

What I found interesting with this sample was the fact the recorder was twenty feet away yet a voice can be heard at the end of the medium speaking which triggers 'voice pop' - a phenomena only caused with a projected sound next to the microphones such as this voice sample which causes the distinctive 'pop'. The words can be heard from 15 seconds. There is no other explanation except an unseen voice triggering the microphone pop.

This EVP recording was taken just before the medium spoke. What is clear is the voice is female and the volume level of the voice is only slightly lower than the mediums who speaks towards the end of this recording sample. This next sample is the same but I have slowed it down by 50%.

WINCHAM HALL SAMPLE FOUR: 'Do you want to come out to play' - Child speaks.

This next EVP is of a child which says 'do you want to come out to play'. The full apparition of a child was seem in the 1970's by the previous owner of the Hall 'Irene Francis' who stated the clearly defined shape of a child was seen running through a wall in the old dining room, the area the child ran into was once a doorway which had been walled up many years before. I found this EVP and the EVP that followed remarkable given I was in the room and no one was speaking except the male medium. 

WINCHAM HALL SAMPLE FIVE: 'Yes' - Child answers.
This next sample is again of a child that appears to interact with the medium. The medium was asking for the only light source, a lit candle, to flicker, although  it didn't a child's voice says 'yes' when asked if a spirit could make the flame flicker. This was the second of a number of child voices captured as EVP during a few minutes and towards the end of this seance. 

WINCHAM HALL SAMPLE SIX: 'Children continue to play games and laugh'.

Despite the earlier EVP recording of a female saying 'help me', the later EVP's of children appears to be very light hearted, clearly spirit children don't go to bed early!. The situation with this sample is it's close to the end of the seance, however a female guest at the table states she is feeling unwell with nausea. Only she and the medium spoke at this point but a child can be heard laughing immediately after the guest said yes to the question was she feeling nausea. What follows is what sounds like children playing, the words are inaudible but clearly children. There is a difference between the voices of the female guest and the male medium. No other people spoke throughout this seance and none of the EVP sample linked here could be heard at the time. The female guest recovered from her sudden nausea a few minutes later.


The venue is of course steeped in history but has always been a family residence therefore it felt warm and inviting. I did witness a number of paranormal events during my seven hours there which included being pushed in the back in a bedroom. I asked the other team members to take a photo due to feeling a constant pressure behind me, the following photo was taken at this time which shows a mist not seen during that time and appears to be a shape of a cat.

This photo was taken by Jackie Dennison of the TV show Rescue Mediums. The mist is to the left of my left elbow and where I was feeling a pressure on my back.

The same photo with the mist blown up.

Does it resemble a cat?

The investigation was was in a controlled environment and all the samples of EVP were recorded by myself, no one else was involved with them. I can assure you that no one was more surprised than I was when I heard the voices that were certainly not heard when the recordings were made.

I have to conclude that with this investigation 90% of the EVP's were interacting with human speaking, either the Medium or the poor lass who felt ill during the seance. This completely rules out my own theory of the fabric retaining data and more of a 'spirit hands on'. There may well be some substance in my other theory of 'spirit time slices' and 'other multiple dimensions' allowing a spirit(s) to cross in our own dimension for brief periods before travelling back. I recorded all the EVP in a controlled area which was free of unwanted noises and in the early hours. 

Wincham Hall can be considered as active, paranormal activity yes, haunted it may well be.



This elegant country residence offers the perfect setting for any occasion. Magnificent lawns, weeping willows and a picturesque pond, all set in six acres of landscaped gardens. This historic building has been of local interest for hundreds of years, and was even mentioned in the doomsday book of 1087.