Paranormal Investigation 15th July 2016 (Time: 20.00 – 01.00)

Group involved: Laura Bailey & Team Soul Trader.

Place: PLAZA NORTHWICH Built 1928

Designed as a cinema by William and Segar Owen, it was later used as a bingo hall. It is constructed in brick on a steel frame. The front is rendered with decorative plaster-work, and is in Neoclassical style. In the centre is a portico, above which is a round-headed arch containing a sculpture of a film camera supported by putti. Inside is a double-height auditorium with a balcony at the rear. It's not an old building and finding any back ground history is difficult.

Those of you that have read my reports over the years will be used to a normal brief appraisal followed by an explanation to any EVP that has been recorded. However, this investigation turned out to be nothing like 'normal' and the reason I have taken considerably more time in the preparation. This was an investigation where EVP took secondary importance to other evidence gathering equipment.

The Situation:

The building had not been used for some months therefore the heating has not been run since that time. This made the building ideal for accurate temperature readings with not having to consider the building cooling down following being heated. The Plaza had been investigated before by various groups and noted as a hot bed for Paranormal activity. The group organised by Laura Bailey for this investigation had not been to the Plaza before so we were at least treading on new ground.

Random temperature readings at 21.00 hrs gave a range of 17.2°c to 17.9°c. The weather was dry and warm. There was a road approx 25 feet from the front entrance and a few yards from a junction, so considerations needed to be made for accelerating traffic noise passing by. There are a number of public house close by so again after 23.00 hrs there maybe an increase in vocal noise. I made the decision early on to set the recorders gain to low and try and filter out as much of the back ground traffic noise as possible. This clearly worked as the spectrum analyzer of all the recordings taken showed a flat signal and zero white noise in most recordings.

A group of approx 30 people were present. Like many events, the larger group would be split up, these smaller groups then went with one of Laura's helpers/Mediums to try out different things before swapping over to do something else. With small buildings I often have no option but to join in with the groups activities, but the Plaza is a large building with plenty of places to find silent corners, rooms and cellars so my intention was to go and explore. A good tip is to let someone know what your doing in case of accident or emergency so they know where you are. Your working mostly in the dark and it's easy to fall, so please tell someone where you are.

A big plus for this group was the importance they placed on grounding and protection before the event started and again when they closed down at the end of the night. This was done professionally. I personally don't find issue with people attending events such as this one just for the fun of it all, many have their own reasons for attending. I attend for the EVP investigation side of things but I will always walk away from any event that does not 'try' to ground and protect it's guests. I use the word 'try' because there is no guarantee your not going to take something back home with you, but in my experience when protection is offered and the guests follow the instructions no issues so far have occurred. But believe me, go into paranormal investigations half cocked and problems can occur. You don't have to fully understand why they do this, you just need to follow the instructions and believe in what your doing.

I have never worked with this group before, in fact I had only been told of the event a few days before. I didn't recognise anyone from the group. I was given permission to use my own equipment by Laura, please remember – always ask first.

At 20.20 we had a bonus of a number of spiritual readings by Laura Bailey, I was the first to receive one! Very unexpected and your going to ask anyway, was it accurate? Yes it was, very.

With the pleasantries out of the way the main group was split up and after letting Laura know what I was doing, I went in search of good places to investigate. Whilst I was setting up my equipment I met a guy from the group, Eber Balor, who being like minded with EVP and with Eber Balor also armed with equipment we sort of teamed up, this turned out to be a wise move. We both explored the building before briefly splitting up, I had seen a quiet cellar and wanted to spend a bit of time down there.

The Plaza cellar entrance.

The equipment used: (Tony)

Roland R26 recorder.

K2 EMF meter.

Digital temperature gauge.

NOTE: Due to the nature of this investigation I have today 16th July tested the batteries of my equipment, the EMF meter in particular, and all were found to be fully charged.

Equipment used by Eber Balor (to be updated once I receive Eber's list)

The technical bits.

Total recordings 30 (15 directional recordings and 15 omni directional recordings.

Total time recorded (all locations) 230 minutes – 1.79GB.

Recording Formats:

Sample Rate : 44100 Hz

Rec Format : WAV 16-bit

Inputs Selected :

File1 : XY Mic

File2 : Omni Mic

Areas of recordings:


Front entrance.

1st floor front.

1st floor middle section.

1st floor rear section.

1st floor rear of stage (behind stage wall)


You will find a number of recordings in the exact order they were taken. Only recordings of possible/known EVP are listed. I am very happy to provide investigators with the full recordings for their own research and in their original WAV format. The total size is 1.79 GB.

Due to web site bandwidth restrictions these EVP sound files have been saved in MP3 format. Unless indicated, none have been enhanced in volume or EQ in anyway. What you hear is what I recorded (unless indicated) Some sound files last for 20 minutes so I have only placed a small section of a possible EVP which is sampled here. Please contact me should you need the full recording.

Please use quality listening devices with these recordings. Over-ear headphones are ideal and cut out back ground noise or use some form of hi-fi system. If your using a mobile phone please use in-ear phones or better still over-ear headphones.

TIP: Some of the wording I use may confuse you in particular the recording device I use and the microphones I deploy. May I suggest you click on this link and find about the recording equipment I use, this will help you understand.

EVP CELLAR V1 – Microphone strike.

With this sample I have left more of the original recording than I normally would, this will help familiarise you with EVP recordings. You can hear the back ground noise in the distance. No one else was in this cellar. I was sat at the bottom of the cellar stairs with the recorder microphones pointing towards the larger area of the empty cellar approx 2 feet away, the recorder was placed on one of the steps in front of me. The cellar was full of water and I had no wish for a £600 recorder to end up in there. In front of me and behind the recorder and one step above was my EMF meter.

I am using a hand held digital temperature gauge which is showing a constant 14.6°c. You can hear me speaking at the start of the recording. At 1.04 seconds there are two loud taps followed by a third tap two seconds later. This is due to one of the OMNI microphones being struck. When analyzed the other two directional microphones also pick the sound up but not as loud which proves it's the the OMNI mics being hit with something. I can not explain this. I can not say with 100% certainty I did not accidentally do something but the microphones were facing away from me, not towards me, but with all my recordings if a noise that I can hear at the time is being caused by myself moving or, for example other people, I do speak and say that is what it was. But no, I didn't hear it at the time and I have no idea what caused it. I have experienced the microphones being struck before but not with this much force. Due to the fact I was close to the recorder and neither did the EMF meter flicker or the temperature change, I am going to rate this EVP as 50% possible paranormal and simply class it as unexplained.

EVP CELLAR V2 – Whoooooooooooooooooooooooooo OR ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Due to a group arriving at the top of the cellar stairs and the noise they created, I had to abandon the first EVP session but returned later for this second recording.

The same conditions applied and the equipment was set up in the same area. When listening back the following day, after eight seconds and after where I state I was in the cellar again, there is a distinct sound, which to me is 'whoooooooooooooooooooooooo' or 'ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh'.

There was no indication from the EMF meter and within 5 minutes the session was over due to the noise of people arriving again.

So what is it?. I have taken the time to look at this EVP more closely and produced a short movie so you can see for yourself (see below).

Throughout the looped section being repeatably played you will see on the two frequency analyzers between 50 and 100 HZ a small indication. This is just back ground low frequency hum, a bit of traffic noise etc which causing low frequency boom. However, you will hear a distinct sound of 'ahhhhhhhhh or whooooooooooooo'. The frequency band of this sound is 300 to 800 HZ which is the human speech spectrum. This is not a vehicle passing by, I had already recorded that and this was inside the cellar not outside the building as explained below.

What is also interesting is the sound is picked up by all the microphones and because it shows one set of microphones (see movie) not showing anything before this sound is heard – if it was back ground noise these microphones would be indicating that throughout. The only time the frequency spikes with that set of microphones is when the sound is heard, so whatever made the sound had to come from within the cellar and close to the front of the recorder and as close as one foot away.

For more information on frequency please visit my other pages on this web site or you can view some basic information by following this link:

(The above EVP starts at 5 seconds)

The movie below is this looped section being repeated in audio workstation software and looks at the  spectrum of this sound in detail.

The above EVP is one of a number I have recorded over time where I have no idea what it is or what caused it. I have no other evidence to back it up such as EMF or temperature changes. Something this loud then I would of heard it but I didn't, so it is EVP. I am going to rate this as 80% paranormal due to not being able to provide any further evidence and the noise was not an understandable word. As always, if you have your own thoughts please message me.


Not everything is paranormal & two minds are better than one.

The frustration when doing EVP recordings is you never hear a sound at the time the recording was taken so I had no idea at this point of the investigation if I had captured anything. For the next hour or so I moved around the Plaza to quiet areas and it was the area where you first enter the main arena that Eber Balor brought to my attention one small area that had wavering cold spots and his EMF meter that was going crazy. Alan uses a different model of meter than the American built EMF K2 meter that I use. My meter indicated no EMF, not a flicker but I was getting a cold spot on my own temperature reading in the same area where Eber Balor's EMF meter was red lining. If you don't know what EMF is please go to my page 'Tools Of The Trade' for more information. The basics are that in the presence of a spirit, white or dark, there is strong evidence that the electro-magnetic field can change. But you need to remember that EMF can be natural as well as synthetic (man made) so care has to be taken before accepting the signal is possible paranormal so your always looking for other evidence as well, and in this case Eber was getting a roaming cold spot that seemed to be moving about.

I then realised that the door which leads from the main entrance to the main arena was open. We closed the door and after a few minutes the temperature stabilised and became a constant 17°c. That however did not explain the high EMF on Eber's meter but nothing on mine. I was aware that some meters are more sensitive to mild electrical EMF bleeding than the K2 meter I was using. And sure enough we traced the leakage to a small steel pipe which clearly had wiring inside it. That was the culprit. Two issues which some may have regarded as a paranormal event. This highlights the need to do what the script says – investigate.


The next seven recordings were completed at various points with no EVP recorded. The only change noted was a sudden drop in temperature from 17.2°c to 15.6°c on the floor area in front of the stage for a number of minutes before moving back to 17°c.

But things were about to get very interesting indeed.


It was at this point that Eber Balor, who had been patiently moving around the stage area had focused on a particular point behind the stage wall and we both returned to investigate. See photo below (THE WHITE ARROW marks the spot).

It was only in this small area that we had a reading of 15.4°c where the rest of the area was 17.8°c. We could not find any plausible reason for this temperature change and it was about to get even stranger.

For no reason the temperature increased again to 17.4°c. I was recording throughout this period and spoke the temperature readings into the recorder for future reference.

Patience is always needed, so whilst we took endless temperature readings, we had no EMF readings either, Eber turned on his RF meter, often called a Ghost Box. I am not a convert of these sort of devices and I certainly don't own one, although I have seen them used many times.

I am open minded with the RF meter but there is no harm in using them but the problem I have with them is the noise they produce! They are not good with recordings, but we are working as a team so lets see what happens.

After a good ten minutes, where yes some words could be heard from the RF meter and the names we did hear recorded, Eber turned the device off. Almost immediately the temperature dropped from 17.9°c to 16.2°c. (I have taken this data from the EVP recording taken where I always speak of important changes) and it was only from this small area which was behind the sign, everywhere else was a stable 17.8°c now. The temperature from this small area started to drop at a steady rate with the lowest reading recorded at 14.4°c, this was in fact colder than the cellar underneath the stage. A 3.5°c temperature difference in an area of only 3 feet square is very unusual and something I had never personally seen before. This was confirmed when Eber turned on a different RF meter to find the battery went immediately dead. I am not going to make this battery an important point because it could be the battery was just dead anyway and no other equipment was affected. We replaced the battery with a brand new one and Alan fired the RF meter up. This was one noisy meter!  But once again the temperature started to rise to just over 17°c within a 30 second time scale.

So we have a situation, where an RF meter is turned off, the temperature drops. When the RF meter is turned back on, the temperature rises. Both the temperature meters we were using showed the same fluctuations which rules out temperature meter faults.  RF meters do not emit heat and the meter was yards away, it's just a simple scanning radio. I have no idea what is going on here and neither does Eber Balor.

After about 10 minutes Alan turns this noisy meter off and after a few minutes the temperature starts to drop again to 15.1°c. As a matter of completeness, I took a high number of rapid photos but on viewing I did not capture anything unusual (see photo slide show above).

There is no doubt that Eber has found some form of cold-spot that is reacting to the environment. Is this some kind of vortex?. It's at this point that Eber suggests we bring in a Medium and goes to find one. I have linked the full recording of this EVP which with the commentary on the recording will go someway of yourself experiencing what we had encountered. You will also note, that I try and make contact with spirit which you can hear on the recording. The clicking is me taking repeated temperature readings. When Eber arrives with the Medium the temperature has fallen to 14.8°c.

At the start of this recording you will hear Eber Balor speaking to the RF meter/Ghost Box before he ventures off to find a Medium. Take note that one of the voices answering Eber's questions sounds female. There is also some booming sounding, again note this for later.


Above is the full recording of this first session on the Plaza stage. There is no EVP but it's worth listening to this session to understand how we were working and what we were finding. The full file is just under 13 minutes.

The remaining recordings are very much the same until we get to this point.

This next session recording is when things get really interesting, firstly my own EMF meter begins to spike into the red. I have never ever seen this movement from my meter before and the reason I checked out it's battery today. So what we have now are two things: 1. A huge temperature drop in this same small area by 3.5°c. 2. My own K2 EMF meter which has never gone over 1.5 mG before, now hitting 20 mG plus. Eber Balor was present throughout this session and we both witnessed an remarkable event.

On the recording I now attempt to communicate with spirit and it is on this recording where you hear me say 'thank you' following the asking of a question, the thank you was given once the EMF hit the red line. What is also heard on this recording is a continued booming sound, a sound which we never heard on the night and on the recording very loud, this seems to last for about one minute or so and appears to be part of the questions and answer session we were doing which appears to be interacting with my questions and the EMF spiking. Unfortunately we were disturbed by one of the groups who were going to conduct a seance, not a problem at all but their timing was awful. The EMF immediately stopped reacting, the temperature started to increase again and the booming sound stopped. The session was over.

As you listen to this second recording (Plaza stage session 2) I want to to consider something which may sound strange. Something has occurred to me. When a female was close by on the stage the EMF meter stopped reacting and the temperature went back up. When only Eber Balor or myself was present and no female was close to the stage the EMF started to spike again and the temperature dropped. If this was a spirit, which the evidence strongly suggests it was, it appeared to be more relaxed and able to communicate with a male than a female. Just another interesting point I observed. 

I have no problem with saying that I consider the stage area investigations and the strange experiences we both witnessed as 95% paranormal and that is without any consideration given to the the EVP booming sound. 

1501 023259

What did we get as far as evidence was concerned with these last two sessions?. The temperature change within this small area happened throughout our time spent at this spot and did not occur elsewhere, which was well over 90 minutes. The EMF running at a maximum reading and only reacting when a question was asked was remarkable. I have never experienced an EMF reading like this before. But what about this booming sound?. As I have indicated a number of times on this web site, EVP is not just about voices. It's about sound capture and then using analyzers to work out if what that sound is. If you have read my thoughts on some EVP recordings by others, on the 'felled in the creak' sound is one such example, I prove without question that the voice making the sound is being synthetically produced and by a text to voice generator, it's not a voice it's a fake. It was never even close to the voice frequency spectrum.

To many, this booming sound may not be important but as a genuine investigator we had a number of issues that needed further research as noted above. Why is this one spot showing evidence of the paranormal?. The time of the recording was around 12.15am. The booming sound that was recorded but not heard on the night within the same area as the temperature changes and high EMF spiking is interesting. The vortex theory noted above is not a flight of fantasy, they do exist. A black hole is a vortex. Could this booming sound, not heard at the time, the energy of it's sound emitted from a vortex?. It is a consideration.

At this point of writing I contacted Eber Balor and sent him the recording of this session for his thoughts. We both agreed that we could not remember any sound on the night but we did need to mention that we believe a pub was playing music which we think stopped at around 23.00. If this was the case then it doesn't explain why the sound was not heard on any of the other 14 recordings taken throughout the night. I was careful how I set the recording gain to filter out any possible back ground noise but for reasons of honesty and integrity the music option is mentioned here.

So what about this booming sound. What I have done is to take this booming sound a stage further and analyze it. The frequency of the booming is between zero and 100hz and peaks at 80hz and with a signal of -36.

The only sound I could sample that was close enough was a heartbeat where the frequency is zero to 120hz, peaking at 100hz and a signal of -39.

To sample a disco sound from distance is difficult given the number of walls and empty spaces sound travels through but I have managed to find a close match as far as hearing this sound is concerned. When analyzed the frequency is from 10hz to 200hz with a peak of 70hz and a signal of -46. There are so many variables to make accurate readings impossible but enough to rule a sound IN or to rule it OUT. I have made three movies of this process taking place so you too you can also analyze the results. I can rule the 'disco next door' IN, but the issue with that is when bass frequency passes through walls and objects, which in the case of the booming it would have to do given it was some distance away, the lower frequencies would start to dissipate and the thinner the sound becomes and what you get is more like white noise. So yes, we can rule the disco theory in but with questions marks.

Here are the three movie sound files in the following order:

1. The Plaza booming.

2. Heartbeat.

3. Disco from distance.

*Click the right square of the movie screen to make full screen. Press Esc to leave full screen.


I have also attached via the links below the last two recordings taken before the group finished for the night. The first is Session 3 where Laura Bailey uses the RF meter or Ghost Box. I have uploaded this recording due to the fact a number of people were present and may wish to listen to it again. There was no EVP recordings of any value captured on these last two recordings. Eber Balor and myself were present throughout and the temperature of the area had increased to 18.2°c at it's peak due to the number of people on the rear stage and the heat that generates.

The final recording, Session 4, again is uploaded for completeness, it contains nothing of importance.


No further activity was recorded by ourselves.



This document has been shared with Eber Balor and Laura Bailey so if your reading this they have approved it but not necessarily it's contents which is my own work. Investigation is about team work, and involving all parties is always the way to go. Any comments from Laura or Alan will be placed underneath this summary.

The event was well organised and controlled by Laura Bailey and I thank her for allowing me to investigate the Plaza in the way that I did. This was an excellent example of how a well planned and flexible event can reward. I also thank Alan, we worked well together and I am sure we will again.

The Plaza is an interesting place. Is it haunted? That really depends on your own perspective of haunted and it maybe that other members of the group come forward with evidence that supports that.  Does the Plaza have paranormal activity? Definitely yes. There were too many strange things happening for the place not to be classed as paranormal activity. To find one piece of important evidence is great, to find two at the same spot is remarkable,so the strange temperature jumps we experienced in one small area behind the stage with the real time EMF spiking at the same time was really something special. For this report I have decided to rule out the booming heart beat sound for one reason only, I like hard evidence that isn't in dispute and I am just not that comfortable adding it as a third piece of evidence. Had I managed to capture for a example a voice speaking, then that would be the holy grail. But spirit once again gives you something but not everything.

So what have we found out at the Plaza that is helpful with future research?. I often mention time slices with EVP capture, sounds moving from one dimension to another but mostly in different areas which are not heard on the night but simply captured with a recorder. I have recorded this a number of times and it's always a constant - sounds coming from different places or sources.

The Plaza has given me something else to consider for the future, the Vortex or Portal theory. One small area that continues to produce paranormal activity but only in that one spot or area. Spirit uses this area to move into and out of the spirit world and physical dimension. This would explain the variable temperature and EMF readings. This of course is simple theory but one has to consider when investigating. There may well be other evidence captured by other team members of the group which can be shared as part of this report.

There is also that cellar that produced some interesting EVP. That place did not have the same 'feeling' as the rest of the Plaza and in someways felt somewhat sinister when compared to the rest of the building. Striking a microphone with some force, if that is what it was, shows energy being applied and when you add that to the strange whooooooooooo sound that followed leaves you to consider a more darker spirit was at work. If I ever return to the Plaza I will be spending more time down there as well as that stage area.

What would be interesting is a further visit with the sole intention of having a seance and concentrating on that one area behind the main stage. I always capture good EVP at every seance I have recorded. A controlled seance with the correct tools may produce better results. Something to think about.

Please contact me should you wish to discuss any aspects of this report. You are free to use it's contents for research but you must not copy as your own work. This entire document should be considered as entertainment purposes only and not as proof of life after death.