Tony Hayes - O.A. Dip. (Parapsychology)

Tony grew up in Cheshire England.  After graduating in Science and Physics with Chemical giants ICI, he left the security of a large company and formed his own Training business before changing careers again and moved into Government Service. 

Music has always been Tony's major interest and has played guitar since a child. During two periods in the 1990's he toured full-time with Yorkshires Premier rock band 'Guns 'n' Oatcakes' before forming his own music venture 'Ambience'.  It was his experiences with sound and recording that first brought him into direct contact with the phenomena we now call EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) having recorded unexplained sounds and voices that were not present at the time the recordings were taken. It was the EVP phenomena as well as his past experiences with the paranormal that led him into his main paranormal interest of EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena)  Using his detailed knowledge of sound, Tony built the EVP UK web site dedicated to the research of the phenomena and has written a number of study documents and tutorials on the subject.

Like many who wish to investigate the paranormal, Tony for many years joined a number of already formed groups to enable him to attend events as a 'customer', often going his own way once there. He soon realised that the Paranormal Event Industry was racked with problems which included over-crowding and poor equipment stock. Very few events actually focused on 'investigation' and far too many relied on tasks such as table tipping, mirror glass tricks and dowsing. Although fun for some, it did nothing for the investigation side of things. In early 2014 and having met a like minded Investigator, they focused on forming a new paranormal group named 'Paranormal Investigation UK'  whose mission statement was to work along side the best possible people and provide structured events using the best available equipment. This process took over two years.

Tony realised that recording Class A EVP's was simply not enough on it's own to warrant the jump to even suggest an event was 'paranormal', a lot more evidence was needed. Having devised the '3 tick' system as explained elsewhere on this web site, considerable investment was placed in equipment which included importing from the USA the latest paranormal research devices from 'ITC', 'Digital Dowsing' and 'Pro Measure' and training the investigators on how to use it.

In 2017 Paranormal Investigation UK will be offering to the paying public the opportunity to join focused and structured paranormal investigations on a limited basis.

In his limited spare time, Tony is a motorcyclist and travels throughout Europe during the summer month of June.

Andrew Draper.

Andrew was born in Tamworth and moved to Stone Staffordshire when was ten.

Following graduation from university and armed with degrees in Economics, Philosophy and Politics, went to work for Royal Mail before moving to Customer Service and Sales. It was while working in Stoke on Tent that the chance came to diversify into database management which oversees software integration and business analysis.

Andrew has three young children and his hobbies include golf and reading.

Andy's interest in the Paranormal started in his late teens and having a logical and analytical mind leads to a strong skepticism until proven otherwise. 

Amanda Griffiths.

Amanda joined the team in 2016 after a keen interest in the paranormal for as long as she can remember.

Looking at the paranormal occurrences of others with a healthy dose of skepticism

and seeks to collect evidence to expose these experiences to others.

Amanda lives in Staffordshire and has three children.

The world is a much stranger place than you could ever have believed possible.

“Everything that we see is a shadow cast by that which we do not see.”