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The Sandhurst Hotel Middlewich Cheshire

The Sandhurst Hotel has never been flagged as a problem house and this was the first time the Hotel had ever been investigated.

The script says: This Edwardian themed family run accommodation and restaurant offers everything you need and more, whether it be for business or pleasure. When you walk through the doors of this quintessentially English home you will feel like you have taken a step back in time into a bygone era.

The use of staff being dressed in Edwardian costume is novel and does add to the atmosphere of an aged period.

As with many venues, you need to go into investigations with an open mind and not get too drawn into forming conclusions. The building is not old and was built around the start of the 19th century. In the 2000's the property next door was purchased and the house made into one larger Hotel. As of June 2016 the Hotel is up for sale for £675,000.
The details:

Sample Rate : 44100 Hz
Rec Format : WAV 16-bit
Input Select :
File1 : XY Mic
File2 : Omni Mic

Roland R26 only.

Total recordings - four.

Team 1.
Jackie Dennison Medium
19 March 2016

The main criticism with this investigation was the high number of investigators involved, over forty. Too many for a smallish building to stand any chance of recording EVP. I decided my best option was to attend the seances to ensure I could at least get something like silence.

Having listened to the recordings and read my notes, there was really only one recording that I can say with some clarity that is was EVP. Many hours for one EVP, but again patience and listening back over a number of days to ensure you don't miss something, will pay dividends, this investigation was such. This investigation reinforced one thing, it was the fact that EVP can be recorded any where and not just supposed haunted houses. This Hotel felt quirky and peaceful although this single EVP did use a word I have heard many times before "HELP".

So to this EVP. This was recording four and occurred close to the end of this 43 minute seance. The table was circular and eight people sat around it with both hands on the table and fingers and thumbs touching the next persons. Jackie Dennison was speaking throughout the session with another Medium named Colette, spoke on occasions. I have left part of this recording which is when one guy spoke for the first time and confirmed what we had all seen, the candle flicker. Shortly later the EVP voice can be heard saying 'help'. The time for this EVP is  0.27 seconds.
Of all the EVP's I have recorded, I do find 'help' the most disturbing, and I have heard this word a number of times, more so when the voice does sound in distress as this EVP does. I sometimes wish that if the spirit is 'stuck' in this world and needs help to move on, they would choose a better way of asking for help. It isn't something you can do at the time, it's only after the event with little opportunity to return with a Medium and help a trapped spirit make the journey to the light. A question I have is why Mediums don't pick up this distress and help at the time?.

Those of you that have been following my progress carefully with EVP, will now start to see my transition from skeptic to an almost believer. It's not a nice feeling when you realise that the most common word you hear is 'help', and there is nothing that you can do about it.