Real Time EVP Recorder - Data Logger - Spirit Box.

Comes With Earbuds, USB Cable, (2) AAA Alkaline Batteries and Instruction Set.

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Made by Pro-Measure ITC Research, who produce other equipment as the Mel Meter and SB 7 & 11 series spirit box's, and once again corners a market that has been crying out for, a recorder for EVP but with the ability to play back anything that has been captured in 'real time'. No more stopping the device to rewind and listen to possible EVP.

The basics of the RT - EVP:

Real Time EVP Recorder - Data Logger - Spirit Box - ITC Instrument with 15Hz Response Frequency.
Operates as a Standard EVP Voice Recorder ( Real Time OFF )

Operates as a Standard EVP Voice Recorder with Simultaneous Real Time Audio File Extraction (Playback is 1sec to 60sec)

Operates as an EVP Recorder with White Noise added.

Enhanced Adjustable MIC Sensitivity.

Numerical 4-digit (0000) EVP Counter Interface Allows for more advanced question and response sessions. The Numerical Counter Interface with adjustable sensitivity, increments when a response is received, Tags, Dates Time Stamps the EVP Location on the recorded file, and can Separate a Class "A" EVP from other weaker responses.

Auto ON / OFF Data Logging feature allows the RT-EVP's Counter Interface to be turned on/off to gather data automatically. This allows the user to place the RT-EVP anywhere and then retrieve it later. If any disturbances are detected during the recording time, they will logged and appear as tagged "counts" in the file. These Tags which identify the exact location of the disturbance, are provided to eliminate unnecessary file review time.

Amplify Ambient Sounds up to 81.5dB with the Recorder ON or OFF to hear very low level voices and sounds.

Operates in FM Frequency Sweep Mode with Multi Step Speed Adjustment from 50mS to 110mS

Operates in FM Frequency Sweep & EVP Combination (Hybrid Mode) with Simultaneous Playback

Frequency Sweep Forward or Reverse.

Intelli-Q, Real Time Data Analysis, permits Audio and Sweep Frequency sounds to be Repeated without Interfering with your Recording Session.
Any equipment from ITC Research I take very seriously.  Here at EVP UK we use two Mel Meters, their equipment is well build and most importantly built for Paranormal Investigators, not the normal adapted equipment made normally for something else. The big issue faced with anyone who is serious about EVP is listening back to any possible EVP capture, it's impossible for example to engage in a two way conversation when you can't hear the answers to the many questions. The RT-EVP removes that problem by allowing you listen back in real time, similar to that of a spirit box device with options of play back from 1 to 60 seconds.

A big plus is being able to select the correct base recording level, critical with EVP recorders, which gives you the ability to set the correct gain and filter out any possible back ground noise. As with all ITC devices it comes with a stream of serious extras that are a must for most applications your going to encounter. The RT EVP is not an easy unit to get familiar with, but as long as you spend time learning and using the device you should get the hang of it quickly. Learn how to use and you will get the most out of it.

If you are looking to use a speaker and not headphones, then your going to have to be careful not to get the unit to feedback. This problem is overcome by setting the device to play back after 15 seconds, or longer. This allows you then to ask a question and then wait for a possible answer. This first movie explains how this is done.


As a stand alone EVP recorder, it's worth the £150 alone. Just remember that if your importing from the USA you need to consider VAT & Import Tax which can amount to a 50% increase in cost. 

As a Spirit Box as well, the RT EVP grasps that technology of the SB7 and SB11 and brings that into the RT EVP. I am not a convert of the Spirit Box but as time goes on I am warming to it. You don't have to use it on the RT EVP but it's there should you want it.
A number of users of the P-SB7 & newer P-SB11 models, have asked for a recorder to be built into those units. ITC went a step further and built the RT EVP with the Spirit Box included . This device can Record, Save the File, and then Play the recorded file back Simultaneously again within a 1s -60s window. There is also a Built-in linear Spirit Box with adjustable frequency selection, 50msec-110msec sweep speed, Forward & Reverse Sweep and the capability to rewind / review in 5s. increments without disturbing your recording or session. There is also an EVP data logger with EVP date & time stamp locator, EVP Counter and dB Sound analyzer. The device can also be programmed to turn itself ON & OFF at user selectable intervals.The device is a bit complicated for the average user. But an excellent analytical tool for the serious Paranormal investigator. Here is a movie which explains this in detail.
Added extras include the option to time record, for example, you want to record a one hour session in an empty room and return later to retrieve the device.  Simply set the RT EVP to start recording at a given time, say in 20 minutes, and after one hour it will turn off again. You return later and pick it up. If the device has captured something then the saved files that are in order will indicate that.

Its also small enough to pop in your pocket. It also has a lock button to stop the device from turning on by accident.  Here is an excellent movie which takes you through the first set up options you need to make when first using the device. I will not say it's an easy unit to use, but as already stated, if your willing to learn it then with practice you will get the best out of it. A powerful device that is looking like a 'must have'.