Rem-Pod-EMT by DAS - Now with SDD (Shadow Detection)

This useful device is to register temperature changes that come within a set distance. The newer REM Pod, noted by having five lights and not four, has a number of useful additions to the earlier model which includes shadow detection as explained in the last movie at the bottom of the page.
So what does it do? The main advantage with this device is it can be left in an area that your investigating, a walkway for example, anything that passes within the devices preset distance will make the lights emit and it will make a buzzing sound due to the temperature change. A switch under neath the unit allows you to select five positions from 1 inch to 5 inch, the closer something gets the more lights emit and with of course a warning buzzer.

The unit has an extendable aerial and it's this that makes the connection of the change in temperature and warns you that something has crossed it's path.

The device also has a automatic baseline so your able to place the unit wherever you wish and after a few seconds it will stop buzzing and baseline the temperature.
Made by DAS in the USA, you can expect the unit to firstly work and do what it says it will do and it is well made. The newer model also comes with a base that can be screwed onto a camera stand by using an optional bracket (at additional cost).
Cost around £130.00 but be careful that you purchase the newer model as there are still a few of the older ones for sale. I can think of a number of uses for the REM Pod and my own intention is to use a number of them which can be left at important hot spots.  Care should be taken where you place the device as some devices such as fluorescent lights can give you false alarms. Keep it clear of anything you suspect may cause the Pod to react and give you a false alarm.

What DAS has to say about the REM Pod: The EMT version provides manual and automatic baseline correction in addition to a programmable 5-step sensitivity "range" adjustment. Effective 05/30/2013 we have also added +5/-5 degree Ambient Temperature Deviation Detection with Ascending 1 Octave step Tones for "+" temperature change and Descending 1 Octave step Tones for "-" temperature changes correlated.  A Blue & Red LED indicator provides visual indication for temperature change trend.
This has to be part of your must have kit.