COMING 2017! Paranormal Investigation UK

EVP UK has joined forces with the very best the Medium and Paranormal Investigators world has to offer and formed it's own Paranormal group and will bring selected Paranormal events which you the public will be able to join and investigate using the very best equipment the industry has to offer.

Events will be held throughout Cheshire, England throughout 2017 and beyond.

In answer to many requests and concerns, Paranormal Investigation UK will stage events based totally on 'Investigation'. You will be able to enroll as a Team Member and attend  structured events which will include EVP, Ghost Box, Structured Seance, Laser Grid, Full and IR Spectrum footage, IR CCTV and much much more. No silly parlor games but pure investigation. We will then do what others never do; evaluate and record any evidence plus you will be able to discuss this and other paranormal matters via our FREE Paranormal Forum.

Come again back soon for details of events.

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