P-SB11 Spirit Box.

This unit, the P-B SB11 has now replaced the popular P-SB7 Spirit Box made by the same manufacturer 'ITC' who also invented and make the hugely popular and effective Mel Meter.  We have spoken about the
P-SB7 on the 'tools of the trade' page. This new model uses two bands which can be used together as well as other options such as reverse sweep. What they haven't done is to reduce the noise these units make and the suggestion is to use the outputs to plug into stand alone speakers which have more bass.
They are very loud when operating. Despite the noise issues, I can say that this unit has become the industry standard of the Ghost Box.  It's well made and developed by the very man who invented the Mel Meter and all units are hand-built in the USA, take it from me, the Americans can build electronics to a very high standard and this unit is not exception . An added bonus with this new model is it comes with built in temperature lights. As with most electronics, a certain amount of understanding is needed, so do what many don't and read the manual or view a youtube movie. The temperature will need to be base-lined before each event or when your turning the unit on.  Read the instructions.

As explained elsewhere on this web site, with software apps and hardware, some use sound banks for the voices you hear. This unit does not, it sweeps the bands and what you hear are sounds and voices within the white noise. Best advice is to avoid anything that uses sound banks, so for me the P-SB11 is the one to go for if you prefer hardware rather than software.

Cost wise, around £100 if bought in the UK, but be careful if you think you can import one for less, with post costs, VAT which won't be added like in the UK and the dreaded import tax, it can make it a lot more expensive.

Here is what the blurb has to say about it:
The P-SB11 Spirit Box is the latest Spirit Box device created by DAS. Results from paranormal enthusiasts, including its premier debut on a recent episode of Ghost Adventures proved to be encouraging. The P-SB11 features user selectable single and dual AM/FM Sweep capabilities, Adjustable Sweep Rates, Forward / Reverse Sweep, Dual Audio Outputs, Selectable AM/FM Antenna Attenuation, Built in high intensity Red LED Flashlight, Audio Mute while Sweeping, Adjustable volume, Visual & Audible Hot & Cold Spot Detection with selectable Sound. Future models of the P-SB11 can be further enhanced using DAS proprietary expansion modules for Natural Field Detection, SDD Shadow Detection, Vibration and other DAS modules.
  • Single or Dual Simultaneous Sweep
  • AM/FM Selectability
  • Adjustable Sweep Speeds - 50msec through 350msec in 50msec increments.
  • Forward and Reverse Sweep Directions
  • Adjustable Antenna Signal Attenuation
  • Ambient Temperature Deviation Detection (ATDD) Hot & Cold Spot Detection with Red / Blue LED Array
  • High Intensity RED LED Flashlight
  • Dual Simultaneous Audio Outputs
  • Expandability & Upgrade Compatibility