This 'Ghost Box' has undergone considerable change over the years, the Ovilus 3 remains a popular earlier unit and they even brought out a limited edition unit due to this fact.

This unit differs from anything else on the market as it uses a built in

dictionary to write the words. Finding out how it does this is difficult, but I suspect that it uses some form of 'voice to text' software and I suspect its nothing more than a random word generator.  You ask a question and a word will appear in the screen. The makers claim nothing as far as proof and it's also very expensive. No UK importers so you will have to bring this into the UK yourself and with post and import tax it's going to cost you approx £400. That is a lot of money for an unproven unit. Its well built as you would expect from the USA and comes in a neat and tidy hard-case. It has a rechargeable battery and simply plug the unit into the mains via a USB adaptor or via any USB from your computer.