Working with Paranormal Groups & Mediums.

The issue when your seeking new places to investigate is getting the doors open in the first place. Pubs, hotels, houses and even business premises, have seen an easy way to make quick cash with little work needed other than maybe having a member of staff present during an investigation.

The cost of some places are high, the reason why joining a local Paranormal Investigation, often organised by a local Medium, is a great way of getting into places at low cost. Entry is from £25.00 to about £50.00 depending on how many are attending and if there are any extras such as free food and drinks. EVP UK is an affiliated partner to the UK's largest Paranormal Event  Agency - 'Haunted Rooms'.  The advantage of joining an investigation associated to 'Haunted Rooms' is your money is protected. If the event does not take place or you have had a problem, you are able to claim back your money.  Haunted Rooms does not pay the organisor until after the event.  For events associated with 'Haunted Rooms' click any of the 'Haunted Rooms' icons and the bottom of each web page.

The issues with 'arranged events' and the problems you will face.

Most, if not all events are staged to make money for the organisor. It's a simple fact of life, they would not do it otherwise. Before parting with your money you do need to ask some basic questions.

1. How many are expected to attend?
2. What is included?
3. Are there drink and food available and is it free?
4. Is there any equipment offered for free use?
5. Does the event have public liability insurance?

I have attended events with 50 plus people, which is fine if your investigating a large hotel, but not so good if your event is being held at a small sized pub or house.  I advise that you do a bit of research on the venue in advance of booking.

The majority who do attend these events will be there to experience, often for the first time, this new culture of Paranormal Investigations that has sprung up over the last 10 years, helped by the number of TV shows that have sprung up. If your a 'sole investigator' or part of a smaller group (four people or less) You should be able to ask for permission to undertake your own investigation. All events will have some form of structure, for example, 30 people maybe split into five groups, each group having a guide with them or even the Medium. Each will undertake a task, for example each group would attend table tipping, a seance, walk about, CCTV monitoring, Ghost Box, etc. You then take it in turns to attend each task. If your there just to record possible EVP then you might want to go your own way. Ask the organisor in advance if that is OK and make sure someone knows where you are should you be working alone.

As far as equipment being provided as part of the event, in all my investigations with groups, the equipment on offer has been poor. If your attending to investigate something like EVP, then your going to be using your own equipment as disucssed elsewhere in this web site. I again stress, if your not going to take part in any of the event tasks, please let someone know where you are and what your doing. It's polite and it's safer.

All the organised events I have attended, I have found all the people attending to be positive and interested in all what is going on. I have no problem with people attending just for the fun of it all.  New friends can be found.

I am a serious investigator, I am on the ball when it comes to the latest equipment available, often importing new equipment into the UK before anyone even knows it exists. More recently I have teamed up with a like-minded guy, but I still have a huge amount of equipment to set up, use and to keep an eye on.

Investigation or Making Money?
I have to say, sadly, that all group events I have attended have shown zero interest in the investigating side; The study of evidence and material gathered during the event.

If you managed to take an interesting photo, then yes considerable interest will be shown, but mostly so the photo can be used to advertise the next event. If your taking a considerable amount of equipment the organisor will be pleased to see it, it helps to sell the event. If like me, you take back home 20 hours of film footage, 6 hours of recorded audio and thousands of photos, don't expect much help reviewing it. This is my main frustration with group events and has led me to the conclusion that the events are staged for money making reasons and nothing to do with investigating any activity taking place there, unless of course your able to provide it without anyone doing any hard work to find it. This is not moaning, this is a basic fact. Even the larger groups may show some initial enthusiasm, but it will quickly dry up and your left doing the grafting.  However well meaning help being offered is, if it's withdrawn later, it is best not being offered in the first place.
Equipment to take: Consider if your going to work alone or your going to work with someone else before deciding on the equipment to take with you. If your on your own, there is little point taking a full range of gear if your going to have to review it all yourself later. I can assure you that one six hour investigation can make four weeks work for you with reviewing footage and recordings and writing up the important case notes.  This is INVESTIGATING and yes it's often for little or nothing in return, but it has to be done.

I have no interest in a Medium telling me that they 'feel energy' or 'sense something'. It is meaningless unless your able to film it, record it, photograph or get a reading from it.

It may take you a few events to realise which groups are willing to help with reviewing material later. If you get no help, don't take all your equipment next time, and if your asked why you haven't brought something please tell them why. They need to learn a lesson called 'fairness'.
Threat or Asset?
I have no interest in organising a Paranormal event, you might be likewise. If that is the case, it will be worth while letting a Paranormal Group your going to be working with know that fact. Mediums and Paranormal event organisers are highly territorial. So they will appreciate if you tell them that, you need to make sure they see you as an asset and not a threat to their future events, you may find them more helpful once they are assured your there for research only and have no wish to take over.

For the long term, it maybe better to form your own Paranormal Investigation Team, you can still attend organised events, but the help you get with all the work after the event is invaluable.