Inraready - Infrared Camera Specialist & Ghost Hunting Equipment.

UK Based. EVP UK has purchased a number of excellent items from 'Inraready' and always with a first class service. Contact Andy Bailey of 'Inraready'. Main expertise is infra red and full spectrum cameras.
Volunteer State Paranormal Research USA An excellent source of accurate information regarding most aspects of Paranormal Research. For EVP, CO-DIRECTOR- Beth Lunceford, I consider to have an advanced lever of knowledge in EVP and shares a number of movies and sound files taken at various USA locations. Check out their facebook page below:
Music City Ghosts Paranormal Research Another excellent source of information on EVP headed by Beth Lunceford (aka ParaNerdGirl)
Kris Williams - Former "Ghost Hunters International" investigator.
Laura Bailey Spirit Medium.

Cheshire based and often arranges ghost hunts. A professional and friendly outfit.

Feathers Academy: An excellent source of information for the paranormal and is home to Rescue Medium TV Show presenter Jackie Dennison.

Karma Thymes: A great resource for Crystal Healing and the purchase of crystals. Based at Blakemere Craft Centre Northwich Cheshire and open 7 days of the week.
Gems In The Country is a private mineral collection in the Cheshire Plains, run by Jonathon Roberts (A Mineral Enthusiast)

Gems In The Country Crystals was founded in 2009 by Jonathon Roberts, Jonathon’s collection has now grown much bigger so in 2011 Jonathon had to move from an outside “shed” to the top room in his home in Cheshire, since the relocation of his collection Jonathon has been able to expand his collection more with many shelves of beautiful crystals and minerals, Jonathon has many crystals including many rare and unusual crystals such as Kakortokite, Tugtupite, and Tsavourite in Tanzanite, you can find more about crystals on the crystal page and soon be able to see new additions to Jonathon’s collection, Crystals have been believed to have healing properties since Roman times and also Crystal healing can help a person to heal themselves either by them buying a crystal from there local crystal shop or an appointment with Holistic Healers – there are many Holistic Healers all over the UK and Internationally.
Tracy Burton - Psychic Medium: Based in Stoke On Trent - Web Site currently under construction but can be contacted by clicking on the facebook link below. 
Ghost Hunts & Ghost Hunting.

And excellent source of information as well at a diary of events talking place close to your home.
The Paranormal Database

This is a serious ongoing project to quantitatively document as many locations with paranormal / cryptologist interest as possible, region by region, in England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland and the Channel Islands. One hundred and three areas are currently covered, now totaling over 11,300 entries, with frequent additions and current stories continuously updated. This is not a 'paranormal tourism' site - many of these places are private, and as such, the owner's privacy should be considered paramount.

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