Laser Grids.

Although not widely used in the UK, American Paranormal investigation groups certainly do use the laser grid. The reasons for doing so are quite simple. If your able to project beams of light through an open space, a room for example, any shadows walking through them, remember an entity is not always in the shape of a human form, with the right camera or detection device, you should be able to see even the smallest change in the emitted laser grid field. In 50% of investigations still cameras have photographed shadows and mist which could not been seen with the naked eye. So my reasons of wanting to project light beams is an obvious one and the chances of capture are extremely high.

I have used lasers for many years as part of music events, not an issue at all. However, taking along a 230v show laser is not an option given these are used for moving laser beams and not static beams, so we are moving into the most common item used for projecting a grid, the laser pointer. And with these devices comes a problem, as explained below.
The LEGAL side of lasers.
In the UK, the maximum output for a laser pointing device is 1 milliWatt (mW). In the USA it's 5 milliWatt (mW). New laws and regulations came into force recently to combat the idiots that have used them against commercial aircraft, Police helicopters and even football players when taking a penalty. This is typical behaviour of the minority idiot that makes life difficult for the majority that want to use them for legal and scientific purposes. So, the downside is your only not able to buy an over the counter laser pointer in the UK where the output is more than 1 milliWatt (mW).
You might be thinking this isn't a problem. Well, I am sorry to disclose that it is a problem. To project a grid onto a wall your going to need as a minimum of 30 milliWatt (mW). And your not going to buy one of those in the UK. There are however a number of very grey areas that you could consider, but before I cover those grey areas let us look at one area that is very black & white - If your caught with a laser pointing device of more than 1 milliWatt (mW) then the Police will not only seize said device, but it's also likely you will end up in Court. This however depends on a number of factors such as; What were you doing with it? If your one of those people in the minority that has taken the device into the public domain and pointing it at someone or something, then you really do deserve to end up in Court and I have no sympathy for that sort of behaviour. But I am sure your not one of those idiots and simply want to use a device for scientific reasons - investigating the Paranormal. I can except that my thoughts on this subject, will for the first time, tread into the area of 'is that legal?'. I am not condoning the use of one, just explaining that with scientific research in mind, sensible precautions can be taken to minimise the risks of falling foul of the law and making it difficult for anyone to prosecute you for it. If your caught with one, then your going to loose it. That is the legals out of the way, let us look at what the laser grid does. I am now going to refer to the laser as a laser GRID not a pointer, the reasons for this will now become clear.
You are able to import a laser grid kit above 1 milliWatt (mW) via the internet. You do however risk loosing it should UK Customs check what has arrived from China. If you really feel this is important to your investigations, then getting a laser kit of 30 milliWatt (mW) isn't too difficult. Don't get a kit with an output more than 30 MW, your just asking for trouble. You can justify 30 MW, it's what Paranormal Groups recommend, but anything higher than that will lead you into troubled grounds. You do not need anything more than 30 MW. The kit will comprise the laser and a number of end pieces that fit onto the laser which then emits differing grids. You do not need a pointing device, you need a laser grid.

I strongly advice that once you have your laser kit that you fit your chosen grid pattern onto the laser and leave it on. Your now in the possession of a laser grid pen NOT a pointer. The whole issue with lasers were the pointers as explained above but it's still illegal to have one in your possession. I am unable to find any device that does the job other than the pen type. I advise you transport the laser in it's box or at least in a bag. Cost wise, you can pick up a kit for about £20.00.
Laser colours.
There are a number of colours that paranormal groups use and a lot is personal preference. The prime colours used are GREEN RED & PURPLE. I prefer green and nothing stops you trying out all of them. The popular colours are green and red, so I would stick with one or both of those colours.

Most are powered by battery and some come with rechargeable batteries and chargers.

A stand is a very useful tool to have, given you need to project a steady laser grid onto a wall. Cost about £6.00 and does add weight to your argument that your using the laser grid for research in a closed area, a building.
When projecting the laser grid your highlighting a series of squares, although you will not see the whole area, just the squares on the wall, but should something move into the area, for example the middle of the grid, your going to see the change. Experiments have shown mist such as small amounts of smoke, will alter the grid field and the beams break.

The size of the grid squares are important. Not too small otherwise insects could trigger the change, but not too large so you miss something. Experiment depending on the room size and known activity.
Capture devices.
This is dependent on what equipment you have at your disposal. Let us look at the options available, you may well already have them.

We all carry cameras, it's a basic must have. The issue with still photos is it's just one shot, it's better than nothing but a camera really is on the bottom of the list.

Movie Camera.
This would have to be full spectrum (night vision) given the best evidence is going to be found when the room is in near darkness. It also needs to be steady, so a tripod is a must.

CCTV is being used more and more with investigations. Most come with night vision, so it seems sensible to make use of that.

Mel Meter with Shadow Detection.
The use of the Mel Meter in the UK is not that common, they are expensive at around £250.00 for the one which has Shadow Detection built in. They are part of most American investigations and all the paranormal TV shows use them. The Mel Meter (see page 'NEW THINGS') models with SDD in it's name refers to Shadow Detection. There are no less than 15 different models of the Mel Meter.

This very clever device does a number of important things and was built just for paranormal investigations. Invented by the same guy who brought us the K2 EMF meter, so it's great equipment. The device does the following by default, the model I am referring too is the MEL-8704R - REM SDD

1.  Radiated EMF field.
The meter projects a field of EMF which is known to encourage spirit, which in turn they can use to communicate. This meter has four lights which will flash as well as a bleeper (can be turned off). To let you know when a spirit has moved into it's range.

2.  Temperature (instant reading).
Once you set the meter with it's base temperature, for example, your room is 14c, any change to that reading will again emit lights and a bleep.

3. Shadow Detection.
Given we are discussing laser grids, the meter will detect any change to the spectrum once you have set it's base line.

So why are these all important?
Let us presume you have your laser grid set up and your movie camera is running. Any change within the laser grid (shadow detection) will be detected by the Mel Meter, so it blinks it's lights. If the entity is moving towards you, the temperature read out of the meter will register that as well, and if it gets close enough the EMF will spike. And if your clever enough, you should have it all recorded on camera. You are there to gather evidence, that is your job. And if the Americans can do it, so can we!.

Up to now it's been mostly good news, here is the negative. There is a limit to how long you can keep a laser grid emitting it's beams. Show lasers have fans to keep the unit cool, pen type lasers do not. If you keep the laser turned on for more than say 10 minutes, your going to fry it - it will burn out. Your going to have to work around this limitation. If you have some of the other devices available like the Mel Meter,  that will help you to keep an eye on the activity during laser 'time out'. The suggestion is to run the laser for 10 minutes or less, and leave to cool down for 10 minutes. This gives you 30 minutes in each hour for capture. 

If whilst doing your laser 'time out' your Mel or EMF meter or other device triggers, you can then turn the laser grid back on in the hope of capture.


The use of a laser grid does have scientific reason for doing so, on it's own it's a great tool for evidence gathering. If you add that to a device like a Mel Meter, even a K2 EMF meter, then it becomes a powerful tool.

With most investigations you start off slow, the use of a digital temperature gauge and maybe the Echo Vox at the start, you sense something, you then bring in the EVP recorder and the big guns; The laser grid and Mel meter and your recording throughout. This is real investigation and with this level of equipment set up, your chances of gathering real hard evidence has quadrupled. 

I have placed six movies below which guides you through the use of the laser grid as well as the useful device the Mel Meter with Shadow Detection.