Kinect - Movement & Motion Tracking.

Technology is fast moving and there is no doubt that the Paranormal Industry has benefited greatly from the equipment that is now available to Investigators, often discovered by accident. The EMF meter is one such example where it was found that when a spirit or ghost entity is close by, you often see a change in the EMF environment. We then saw the K2 meter being used followed by the more sophisticated Mel Meter, a unit build just for the Paranormal Investigator. I became aware of EVP by pure accident, recording music I also recorded other sounds that were not present during the recording. We do need to embrace technology, be aware of it and research with it.

TV shows such as 'Ghost Adventures' embrace all the latest technology. Often labeled as a 'research device' for the simple reason you can't catch a ghost in a glass jar and take it into a Laboratory to see exactly what a ghost is made up from.

Over time we begun to understand certain things, for example; 'some' spirits emit higher than expected EMF (electro magnetic field) And there is good reason why this fact is plausible, it is excepted that spirits have to be made up from something given they manifest at differing levels from a small Orb to a full body entity, the only explanation is 'ENERGY'. When your close to a spirit or ghost, you often feel an energy which in turn can make you 'feel' good or bad, sad or happy. This energy is real and we all experience it in normal life. How many times have you walked into a room where the atmosphere doesn't feel right, you find out later that the people living there had an heated argument shortly before you arrived. I consider females to have a higher sense of feeling than the male. A female often feels 'danger' or 'uncomfortable' when stood next to certain people, in a bar for example. I consider 'intuition' as a form of energy meter. This energy does contain matter, which given the right person and the right conditions, can be 'read' by the person' as long as they are open to it. The more you work with energy the more able you are to understand and read it. I often get told I am 'very intuitive', that is due to being able to feel emotions such as lying, something I am particularly good at spotting.

It's all about energy and with spirits they need energy just like a living human, they just need a different type and a regular supply.

As explained elsewhere on this web site, a spirit or ghost needs energy to communicate, manifest and even move objects. There have been thousands of  examples where an electrical item, for no reason, looses all of it's battery power. Now, you would of thought with so many electrical items, the easy way to get energy would be for a spirit to put it's fingers into a plug socket! But this doesn't happen. There have been no such recorded examples of mains electrical malfunction caused by a spirit, the only recorded events are those items that run on battery power, in other words DC power NOT AC power. Stick an EMF meter close to a battery and see what happens, the more charge that is in the battery the bigger the EMF spiking on your meter. But hang on, is that not what happens when your in close contact with a spirit?. I am sure you understand my point here.

From this energy comes a number of 'by-products' which are of interest to the Paranormal Investigator.  I will stress this point again - A spirit or ghost has to be made up of something. If we consider that a spirit is the essence of a persons memory and persona (what the person was before they died) And there is strong evidence that this is the case given spirits communicate with the living about what they were before they died, then we can say that a spirit in it's pure form would be invisible,  and I can't see anyone not agreeing to that statement.

We use energy everyday, a good example is Wi-Fi, we send energy 'data' from one device to another, we stream movies to watch and to listen to music. You don't see this data flying around the room but we know it does exist and it's there, we just can't see it.  This data is a stream of dots and numbers, sometimes encrypted,  which is then processed to form what we want to read, watch or listen too. If we take this a stage further, your brain works exactly the same way, it asks the hand to move and pick up an object but it needs energy for you to do so, and if we take it another stage further then a spirit works on exactly the same principle and the physics state and prove this is possible.

If your close to a mobile phone with an EMF meter, then it will show a level of EMF being present. This is the mobile phones energy being transmitted, we again don't see it but we are able to measure it. Remove the mobile phone and the EMF meter no longer records any level reading. One of the most dangerous energies is radiation, again invisible and high levels we know are lethal to a living human, we can also measure radiation. With a spirit there is one area that is difficult to explain and that is energy containment. A spirit doesn't have anything or anywhere to store energy, but it could however explain why most, if not all paranormal events are short lived. 

We have discussed sudden battery failure, and there is strong if not proof, that a spirit can manipulate energy and use it. Another fact worth noting is the human is made up of the same DC current and it's this current that Doctors use to measure how the brain is functioning. A high number of people have recorded sudden falls in their own energy levels when investigating, TV shows like 'Ghost Adventures' have filmed such events and at the same time recorded white orb type objects entering or leaving the body of that person leaving the person so drained of energy they can hardly stand up.

You will be forgiven for wondering why I haven't been discussing 'Kinetic Movement Detection' given this is the subject.  But in my defense I needed you to understand certain things before we got into the technology of Kinetic Movement Tracking or detection.

Firstly,  consider an infra red CCTV camera. How does it know what is there and when to record it?.  If you go to this LINK you will find out more about CCTV night vision by scrolling down the page.

Night vision uses infra red light to light up what would be otherwise complete darkness.  With CCTV night vision most systems only record 'events' such as movement. It then records and saves a fraction of footage plus a given time before the event occurred. This saves you having to watch all the footage captured. The system uses a grid type of vision using hundreds of squares. If any of these squares change in colour, the system will start to record it as it will see this change as an event. When you review it later you see movement, but the trigger for the recording to take place works on colour change not movement.

Laser grids work a little differently as they emit hundreds of laser points but as points. Anything that crosses the laser points will trigger a change in the grids formation. We use laser grids in our investigations but we also need to use an alarm device, in our case a Mel Meter which detects this change if the change is too small for the human eye to register it. A larger mass, a shadow person for example, would be seen with the naked eye as the laser points would move or sway, it will be clear and very obvious.

Kinetic Sensor Tracking looks for an object, movement or motion using 'infra red' but as millions of dots and does so in 3D. The sensor device will normally use three different types of cameras to map out a room. On a TV or monitor you see the room in 3D.

The hard part is how to programme the computer based software to use this camera capture footage in real time and to map exactly what it is and give you an indication in real time. You need to remember your filming something you can't see.  For Ghost Hunting the obvious object would be the human form given that is the shape mostly seen. The software is programmed to use any data that it can see in the room which match's the shape of a human, which would be a head, body, arms and legs. It will need hundreds, if not thousands of dots within a room that match to the shape of a human and register that as a 'skeletal man' on your TV or monitor.

So let us slowly recap: Your in a room and the Kinetic camera is pointing away from you. It will map out shapes such as tables, chairs, sofa, cabinets etc which do not form the shape of a human and will appear as just a one colour object but the shape will be obvious. Remember, it is using capture in 3D, this is important as the system will look at the location and the object will need to be within the same frame work. If you had for example a head shape six feet behind the body shape then the system will know that and not register that as a human shape.

It will however see for example a music stand or house plant as legs, body and head. So any capture needs a careful review of what exactly is in the room.

Does it work? The short answer is yes, as long as you follow some guidelines and evidence the event with other devices such as film footage, EMF and temperature.

What about the skeptics? The most common skeptic will say it's a software issue or something else like a plant. but the footage I have seen so far disproves that theory and by a big margin. I have seen skeletal shapes appear and wave on command as well as sit down next to a person and in one case even hold out their hand when asked. This is intelligent responses and actions to a request. I have never seen a plant or music stand walk and sit down next to me or wave it's branch.

If a spirit entity is captured, in all examples so far, only the  skeletal shape appears. A human will show the skeletal shape but also the outline of the body mass.

Evidence is everything. I have put some basic guidelines together to help those of you that wish to equip yourself and use the equipment as part of their own investigations.

1. Location. I advise against using the equipment outside or in a room that is being used by walking humans and where issues with drafts can occur, open windows for example. Best place is a room with the camera facing a wall which does not have a door to the front, left or right. Close all doors and windows.

2. Mains power is needed to power the computer and tracking camera.

3. Equipment should be on stable stands or tables.

Other evidence gathering equipment.

Remember my suggestion of  THREE STRIKES to rule an event as Paranormal? One movie of a skeletal man is not enough, you need more evidence.

1. Camera to film the event. NOTE: It is possible to screen shot/film the capture on your computer but the kinetic software sucks the computers memory and you risk running out of resource. Use a separate movie camera.

2. Hand held laser temperature meter. These devices use an optional laser red pointer to enable you to get an accurate temperature reading from a distance. If you have found a skeletal shape on your computer screen, take a number of temperature readings of the object and the areas around it. This is vital evidence, more so when you can show the object is at a colder temperature than the surrounding area.

3. EMF Readings. This is more difficult to acquire but you have to try. You could use a number of REM Pods or EMF meters over a given area but that really is not practical. The easy way is to simply record as much footage as possible with temperature readings and then walk and place the EMF meter where you know the entity to be.

4. CCTV and Ultra Violet Footage. If you use a CCTV camera system, consider having one camera in the same room you are using the Kinetic Tracking. Many investigators also use Ultra Violet cameras as well as normal cameras. If all you see on the monitor is the skeletal man then using all of the other types of camera may help define the entity you have captured if it's not within our normal light spectrum.

The important thing here is to ensure you record everything and do not be feared by talking about your findings for the cameras benefit, remember the skeptics will be viewing it later. If you have a temp or EMF reading show it to the camera - record it. Interaction is common, yes if you do encounter such an entity it may alarm you, but please try and interact and be nice!.

For the future I would expect the computer software to get better and more focused and at some point the system should be able to record the temperature of the entity and maybe other information.

The original idea of using light tracking sensors in Paranormal Investigations belongs to Bill Chappell of Digital Dowsing (the Inventor of the Ovilus) who brought the use of the equipment onto an episode of Ghost Adventures and with impressive results.

You are able to purchase such a device (made by order) direct from Digital Dowsing but the costs are high. With VAT and import costs expect to pay around £2000 for a device.

If your familiar with basic computer programming and with a high level of computer knowledge and are confident with hardware, then you are able to build your own fully working device for around £300 which will include the camera sensor, leads and stands. You are also going to need a powerful laptop computer with a Windows based OS, either Windows 7, 8 or 10. Your laptop will need at least 4GB of RAM.

The developers software to programme the sensor is free but you do need to know how to work with it.  It is not a 'plug n play' system.

Our sister group 'Paranormal Investigation UK' will be using a fully operating tracking system in their investigations throughout 2017, so it maybe wise for you to join one of their investigations and see for yourself how it works.

There is little doubt that that movement sensor tracking is the big thing right now and it may prove to be the tool that will give the clearest evidence yet of life after death.