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Hack Green Secret Nuclear Bunker

The Hack Green Secret Nuclear Bunker is a former government-owned nuclear bunker located at Hack Green, Cheshire, England


The first military use of the area was in World War II, when a Starfish site was established at Hack Green. Its purpose was to confuse Luftwaffe bombers looking for the vital railway junction at Crewe.

A Ground-controlled interception (GCI) radar station was added.

In the 1950s, the site was modernised as part of the ROTOR project. This included the provision of a substantial semi-sunk reinforced concrete bunker or blockhouse (type R6).

The station, officially designated RAF Hack Green, was also known as Mersey Radar. It provided an air traffic control service to military aircraft crossing civil airspace.

The site was abandoned and remained derelict for many years, until the Home Office took it over. They rebuilt the R6 bunker as a Regional Government Headquarters (RGHQs) - one of a network of 17 such sites throughout the UK - designed to enable government to continue in the aftermath of a major nuclear attack on the UK.

In about 1992, following the end of the Cold War, the Home Office abandoned its network of RGHQs and sold many of the sites. This one was bought by a private company and subsequently opened to the public in 1998 as a museum with a Cold War theme.

Current status

The bunker is open to the public most of the year. It has a substantial collection of military and Cold War memorabilia, including one of the largest collections of decommissioned nuclear weapons in the world. It also houses Ballistic Missile Early Warning System equipment originally from RAF High Wycombe.[1]

The museum includes information about the function of the bunker during the Cold War. There is a simulator designed to simulate conditions in the bunker during a nuclear attack. Visitors can watch the BBC film The War Game, produced to inform the public of what would be likely to happen in a nuclear attack on Britain. Younger visitors to the museum can navigate the rooms in a game to find the "Cold War Spy Mice" (a large number of toy mice positioned in numerous rooms), which avoids the more disturbing aspects of the bunker, such as the medical room, where a mannequin is depicted with symptoms of burns and radiation poisoning; the objective being to locate as many mice as possible and return their report to the desk for a prize.

If all the nuclear munitions at Hack Green[1] were armed, the base would be the seventh biggest nuclear power in the world.
On television
Hack Green was featured in the British television series Most Haunted: Midsummer Murders episode two in which the team investigates the murder of a soldier. It featured once again in Series 10.


This investigation was to be our largest Investigation to-date in the sheer amount of equipment we were going to use which included a four camera night vision camera system, video, photographs, EVP recording, Echo Vox and temperature sampling. This event was organised by Spirit Medium Laura Bailey and Team Soul Trader. Approx 30 guests attended and all of them in great spirits, it does make a difference when everyone has this much enthusiasm. These were a great bunch.

On arrival, the Bunker was being managed by a female member of staff, the moment we walked into the canteen we were told that she was always having paranormal experiences and had a feeling of being followed that very day. This is not what I like to hear, it raises a number of questions about the Bunkers truthful paranormal history. There have been so many ghost hunts staged here that you would expect something concrete to materialise as solid evidence, but to date, nothing.  I formed an opinion that the staff member was there to promote the Bunker as highly active simply for monetary reasons. Paranormal events are very profitable.

In all, some 20 hours of film footage, six hours of sound recordings and a wealth of other evidence gathering material. A lot of work to review. This report will take some time to complete and will be updated as and when there is something new to add. We started the investigation at 19.30 and finished at 2.00am. The night was to become something of a mystery with more questions than answers at the end of the investigation. We did however manage to answer some of our own questions.

Before our arrival I was concerned about EMF readings due to the amount of electronics within the bunker, although turned off, it could still be possible for high levels of EMF's which would go a long way to explain why people felt uneasy when visiting.

Although suggestions of the area being an ex Civil War camp, there is no evidence to even suggest that is the case, nothing more than rumour and possibles. Yes both sides of the civil war were in Nantwich but nothing more than that. No evidence has ever been found that can say the troops even past by this bunker. The bunker has been entrenched with myth since it was released by the UK Government as a private museum. Stories of people being tortured and killed, a female falling to her death down the metal stairs and ghosts being seen and heard, have all added to the myth and makes picking out fact from fiction near impossible. The first thing we did was to do a full EMF sweep using two K2 meters so we could rule in or rule out any EMF. However, we didn't get a flicker, no EMF's except in the kitchen area on the first floor, which you would expect given the items in there and even then it was one green light flicker. It told us the meters were working and throughout the night we didn't see one light flash. The bunker was clear of any EMF's unless spirit was going to suggest otherwise.

A great start.

This photo was the first photo taken down the main walkways that leads from the top floor canteen area. The doorway shows the shadow of a figure, looks to be a male. Photos taken later show nothing.
The four cameras were set up as follows:
CAM 1 & CAM 2 - In the male dormitory which has been noted as an area of unexplained events.  
CAM 3 - Covering the yellow stairwell - Area that is said to be the place the female fell to her death.
CAM 4 - Covering the main walkway.

Results from the cameras can be found by downloading this PDF document. Anything of interest is noted in red and I have placed a link to the movie which you simply just click on. You will need to download the movie to view it. I can supply all the links to all the cameras if you wish to view any.


I have taken the unusual step of writing this report as I have reviewed the evidence gathered. This first movie is from Camera 4 which is the main walkway which leads to and from the canteen area. This was the last of the cameras to be set up and everyone returned to the canteen area for a briefing and refreshments before the main investigation started. When this footage was taken no one was in the bunker area, which makes this footage more important given there was no way the camera could of been moved by anyone. I have copied the text of this camera report which is duplicated on the youtube movie.
CAMERA 4 REPORT: 04_20160806193747.avi - Link to download:

At 0.24 (left of fire hose) a small ORB comes out of wall but returning quickly back again. Seconds later the camera is moved up and down. Everyone at this point was in the canteen. At 1.16 to 1.21 the camera moves left to right as if being pulled from it's fixing. At 2.18 to2.22 again the camera is moving left to right. At 4.05, 4.46 the same again. At 05.28 to 05.33 the camera moves up and down – this is unusual given the camera was fixed onto a narrow shelf and can not move downward unless moved upwards first. At 07.31 (CCTV timed at 19.45.11secs) People start to emerge from the canteen area. Again to the left of the fire-hose (same place), a similar orb travels from right to left before going through the glass to the left. All other dust orbs are traveling directly at the camera with that being natural air flow. No further camera movements or activity noted, people were now present and further activity stopped.

With so much camera footage, I did expect a lot more than what we actually got, with the exception of the above and a few camera movements which could be put down to simple camera slip, there was nothing of importance. I have uploaded the full CCTV report together with any links to view or download that footage click on this link:


In total, 25 recordings were made with the Roland R26 recorder. On this investigation, we made the decision to use the Echo Vox (Ghost Box) app as a form of communication. I then recorded the full session in the hope I could enhance the Echo Vox results later as well as any possible EVP captured. The issue with this method is I would never know for sure what was EVP and what was Echo Vox given they would be both on the same recording. However, my experience has proved that a Class A or B EVP is a clear voice although at low volume, an Echo Vox recording although louder, is always squabble and cluttered words at too faster tempo to make it audible.

On the first four recordings there was too much back-ground noise to make the sessions usable. With session 5 there was considerable chatter from the Echo Vox, but even when slowed down on DAW from 100 to 160 BPM, the sound quality was clear but I was unable to understand what words were being said or spoken. The sound was compressed to a maximum gain setting.

I have no doubt contradicted myself if you have read my previous thoughts on the so called 'Ghost Box', they are so damn noisy and contaminate any EVP I try to capture, however, you must never say never and I am now working with a guy who uses Echo Vox, you have at times to compromise. Both of us had Echo Vox 3 as a mobile phone app. On this recording of session 5, what I did was to use the Roland R26 to record the Echo Vox in real time plus try and record EVP, yes both together and that was a challenge. I am suspicious of Ghost Box  technology, some use a folder of sound or voice samples and others a 2000 word dictionary and another system uses neither of these and uses scanning of the radio waves, AM and FM at milli second intervals as a form of word or speech communication. It fly's in the face of common sense science, unless we are missing something.

As noted above, Session 5 was a clean recording but not a single word could be understood. 
If you have come across this page and not read anything else or have no knowledge on the make up of sound and data, then I warn you in advance, things are about to get very technical but even with zero knowledge you should be able to understand the end result, which is simply breath taking.

I have known for some years that science does not always ride in tandem with the Paranormal. If science can't measure it and understand it then they will debunk it. There are certain aspects of the equipment investigators use that does question what is really going on. The manipulation of the electro magnetic field (EMF) is one such occurrence when spirits are close by that can not be easily explained. We know the EMF does change but can't explain why.

We need to consider that an EVP recording is a sound not heard at the time but recorded, what are the mechanics that make that happen? Science can not explain that. With Echo Vox recordings you need to try very hard to understand even a small percentage of the words being spoken from the devices.

Is it possible that these messages are nothing more then encrypted messages? Important Data within Garbage Data?

Is it possible that within the stream of data there are messages that need to be extracted using some form of device that can extract it?

We use encryption every day, you put your password into your email which in-turn is encrypted. The Police and Military use advanced encryption in their radio transmissions. During WW2, the Germans used the enigma code machine to encrypt their messages, and they were so confident of it's fool proof code system that they wrote highly confidential and secret messages to their Command Officers. This was fine until the British broke the code and read them as well. 

I then began to formulate an idea that encryption was in fact a possible explanation for EVP, but mostly with the Ghost Box devices. In music you use MIDI. Many people use MIDI backing tracks, but the fact is, MIDI is data NOT sound. MIDI is a simple three digit numbered protocol from '000 to 128', you use it to trigger events such as sound banks or sound effects, MIDI triggers something which then makes the sound, it doesn't make a sound it gets something to do it for you.

Karaoke machines use a frequency extraction process to reduce (you can get rid of it all) the singing voice to then enable the singer to use the original track as a backing track. You have seen on my other pages how a Text to Voice generator can be used.

So what would happen if you did this in reverse? Take the Echo Vox/EVP audio, enhance it so the volumes were level and then stream it into software that uses 'Voice to Text' technology?

As an experiment I did exactly that, I took approx ten minutes at the end of the following recording and streamed it into 'Voice Note 2'.


So what I am doing is streaming garbled and in-distinguishable sound, not a single word could be understood, into a software system and expecting a result. You would expect either gibberish text or just nothing. But that was not the case.

Given the history of the Hack Green Bunker as noted above, refresh yourself if needed, I never expected what it came back with. I have copied exactly what the text said was being spoken. The full stops I placed there as the system paused. Due to the fact the recording was of Echo Vox and possible EVP, it is possible and most likley that the data streams consisted of both.

Parliamentary.  thank you. suicide. where was you. there. where did you go. sorry.
juicy Lucy's Father's Day do. sunrise. yeah can you. Hello. Bear.
Who's Kris Christopher coming to dinner. Woman's Name Chris Fitzpatrick.
Yes or no. Yes or no. Chris Fitzpatrick when the ladies in hair is it works.
I'm not competing. What's it called. So this is Christmas pranks Ridgefield house
Alderley Road. Yes or no. She's just worried that the bunker he is so why is he
because the dog hairs. So did they disturb. Michael Cera. The case Wisbech refundable
second check. Ok so you playing. Play somewhere with a load of bodies motorcycle.
Is there a spirit is saying don't speak to me. Ok well done.
This was a surprise. Relevant words and most of the spelling is correct, although parts are jumbled, there is little doubt when you listen to the recording, it does sound as if a number of people were talking at the same time. More research needs to be done in this area. Having chatted to the Echo Vox forum there appears to be no one who has achieved these results to date. Only two people so far have tried to experiment. 
The Corridor Anomaly - Amy Simpson.