Before you attempt any investigation you should learn and understand the importance of grounding and protection before an event is underway and again you must close down at the end of the night. This should always be done professionally.

I personally don't find issue with people attending Paranormal events just for the fun of it all, many have their own reasons for attending. I attend for the EVP investigation side of things but I will always walk away from any event that does not 'try' to ground and protect it's guests. I use the word 'try' because there is no guarantee your not going to take something back home with you but in my experience when protection is offered and the guests follow the instructions no issues so far have occurred. But believe me, go into paranormal investigations half cocked and problems can occur. You don't have to fully understand why they do this, you just need to follow the instructions.

If your intention is to conduct your own investigations I strongly advise that you learn about this important subject. I do not have the required knowledge to help you with this topic because all my investigations so far have been completed with a strong Medium present. I do what others do, follow the instructions, which can differ from Medium to Medium.

 A local Spiritual Medium will be able to help you and maybe even provide you with written instructions for a small fee.