If you have experienced any event which you feel would be of interest with our research please contact me at: tony.evp@btopenworld.com or by using the contact link above. All messages are answered within 24 hours but normally within just a few hours.

As part of a larger Investigation and Research Team, I am able to consult (with your permission) other Investigators that may have an expertise greater than mine in certain areas. All advice is provided free including any telephone consultations we provide. Home visits can also be arranged within the Cheshire UK area although other areas would be considered.

Many people find a possible paranormal experience a frightening event, which is understandable, but I can assure you that your not on your own. We do understand, but there are a number of reasons why your experience could be natural, not everything is Paranormal.

If you are experiencing problems which you think maybe Paranormal we can help you to address these issues and if needed get the required evidence so your experiences can be proved to be Paranormal or even Supernatural and then help to eradicate it.

As an example, we normally follow the following guidelines.

1. Initial contact by you is made.

2. Either a phone call or face to face consultation to evidence in written form what your problem is.

3. We will conduct some research on the property which will include mobile phone mast and an electrical pylon survey.

4. Provide you with a document for you to report any further incidents or events.

5. Face to Face consultation to consider the options and at the same time to do a complete EMF survey on your property to either rule in or to rule out.

6. A decision is then made on a course of action taking into account your work commitments as well as any vulnerable people in the property such as children.

7. If required, a full investigation will be carried out using the latest technology during one night, this will last between eight and twelve hours. If needed this will be repeated.

8. Evidence is used to gauge the best step(s) to take for eradication. This may involve the use of a Spirit Medium and in the worse cases the involvement of the Church.

9. Ongoing support to ensure your issues are now at an end.

All correspondence received is treated as private and confidential and shared only with like minded Investigators and only with your permission.

Please feel free to get in touch.

Tony Hayes - EVP UK