I have placed a number of recordings below for comparison reasons only. Listen to these with caution because I can not verify them as genuine. All these recordings are in the public domain. I have then taken the recordings and used a digital audio workstation and played the files through a sound spectrum analyser. I have noted my own observations which may differ to your own. These recordings can of course be discussed on the free to join forum by clicking 'Link To Forum' above.

This first sample was recorded by three investigators who were at house that was experiencing suspected paranormal activity. They decided to  to sit on the stairs with a hand held recorder where cold spots had been experienced, you can clearly hear the female investigators casually chatting. The full recording of over one hour has been cut down to approx 10 minutes. The investigators stated they heard nothing during the period the recording was taken and it was only the following day when they played the recording back that they heard the voices and sounds.

The recording can be considered as violent in nature given the raised angry voices and screams. One very interesting observation is the sound of a loud clock when no clock was present at the house.  This is clearly a recording and not a manufactured recording as far as it was not made using synthetic voices. 

The above movie as played through a spectrum analyser leads me to believe that the recoding is authentic as far as a recorder being placed and recording sound is concerned. It also shows some sounds as being louder than others which suggests sounds being generated from different sources and it does reflect on the full sound spectrum which you would get from recording a band and using multiple recording microphones. There is clear feathering, which I have seen before, which is primary caused by vibrations (in music vibrato). As frightening as this EVP recording is, it's a great bench mark which other EVP recordings can be based on. What do you think?.

EVP SAMPLE 2: 'Falled in the creek'. This recording sounds synthetic and what you would get from a 'text to voice' generator.

The voice appears to be saying 'falled in the creek'.

EVP SAMPLE 3: Same file as sample 2 but slowed down.

I have again placed SAMPLE 3 in a spectrum analyser (above). This EVP recording came from THIS EVP WEB SITE:  This recording does show the voice being within the human voice spectrum but I am suspicious due to the peaking (jumping) of the words being spoken. The difficulty with this recording is this is all that was placed into the public domain with no other sounds being generated on the recording, not even the Investigator asking a question, so it's impossible to know if it's real or not but I suspect it's very FAKE, let me explain why. Let us see if we can take this sound file a step further and see if we can't duplicated this voice and/or duplicate the sound spectrum. The tools for the job are as follows:

1. Recording software.

2. Online Text to Voice generator. This is nothing but a software generated voice, you write in the text you want speaking, select the language, for example British or American and out pops the words you want and you record them. I used 'falled in the creek' . There are plenty of Text to Voice generators but for this exercise I went online and  I used this one.

3. A VST (virtual instrument) in this case I used a Vocoder effect (similar to a Wah Wah pedal in music) which can make a voice sound differently.

4. The Text to Speech generator had back ground music playing so I have used EQ to get rid of that.

5. Speed of voice (tempo). I will slow the track down from 100bpm to around 180bpm to try and get the speed the same as the above sample

What you will now see and hear is how long it takes me to get an American voice using the words 'falled in the creek' totally generated by online 'Text to Speech' software . I then simply copy and paste the voice a few times and then load it into the audio software. Don't forget to time just how long it takes me to get a good copy.

If you timed me then you know it took just over 4 minutes to generate a very similar sound file and a very similar sound spectrum. Just think what you could do with more time to manipulate any sound. Some reverb and echo would have given it a more haunting sound. I hope you have found found this section useful and of course helpful. As a researcher who is serious about EVP then you do need to know what is genuine, what maybe genuine and what isn't genuine.

On another chapter I will be linking my own files. How are you going to know they are genuine? You don't, and that is the problem.

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