Chapter 2 - EVP Theories Considered.

In Chapter 1, we have looked at what sound is and the frequency spectrum as well as looking and listening to sound samples. Many of you may just be interested in recording voices but there are many sounds which you could record which are of equal importance and may provide evidence for one important question - What causes EVP?. This is why I stress that recording DATA, the details of the room, house and area of the EVP recording is all critical if your serious about the research side of EVP. The size of the room, the wall, floor and ceiling materials, what is in the room for example the furniture, the room temperature and the outside environment are all critical data that helps to understand what is going on when all the data from a number of EVP recordings are carefully analysed. Do not get caught in the trap of simply wanting to record voices because I can assure you other sounds have been recorded. One such EVP recorded a loud clock despite no clock being in the house. This does provide important evidence that suggests that the fabric of the building can retain sound and play it back when certain conditions allow the sound to be listened too and recorded years later. Can a constant sound such as a wall clock embed the sound into the wall materials similar to a computers hard drive?.

A good example of recording 'none-voice' EVP is this example; You set up your recording equipment in an old railway station office. The railway lines have been removed years earlier and no train has passed the station for 25 years. If you then record a train running over train rails as well as the trains horn, then you have recorded excellent evidence of EVP.

Theory 1: Fabric of the building.

For some time there has been a belief that the fabric of the building (the walls for example) could hold data/sound. This is an interesting theory and does need to be researched further. Most EVP recordings are done in suspected 'haunted locations'. If you were to record ten such recordings in haunted locations and they all record voices, that does not mean only haunted locations emit EVP. If you were to also record a further ten in no known haunted houses, again that does not mean the other ten are also haunted. The evidence is now beginning to suggest that EVP is present in most locations irrespective if they are haunted or not. The key is to record in different locations but critically record in writing, DATA evidence about the location. This is why I have carefully prepared a 'EVP Location Report Form' which you can download FROM HERE.

We know that certain animals, dogs for example, can hear frequencies which a human can't. A high number of EVP recordings I have listened too have sound on them that appear to jump from one event to another, in a way, playing back sound in a form of time capsules - or time slices. If the fabric of the house does retain sound of events including the present, continuing to record data into the fabric and playing it back when circumstances or conditions allow. The recordings I have heard do suggest this as the possibility. It could also explain why some dogs and cats suddenly jump up and bark at a wall. We can't hear it but some animals can. Why we are able to record the EVP and listen later even when we didn't hear anything at the time is a real phenomena because I have recorded it myself on music and so have thousands of other recording engineers. The same suggestion can be applied to some photographs when a simple family photograph is taken and on viewing a circle of light (orb) is seen which could not be seen when the photo was taken as the photo shows below. I find orbs fascinating, the skeptic says it's a dirty lens or flying dust, however, the orb always looks to be the same shape, the size may differ but the colour and shape are a constant.

If I was to say that the American CIA have not only researched but use EVP as a recording source to spy on people that have stayed in Hotel rooms as well as other buildings that foreign diplomats and representatives have stayed in. Would you think that was FACT or FICTION?.

The correct answer is FACT. Also, some American Private Investigators use EVP to record a room after the people they are investigating have left the building.

Theory 2: Voices only heard when you interact with them.

The possibility that a voice of a departed person can interact with a living person opens up a whole range of thoughts, one being is when we pass over the essence or spirit containing thought and memory lives on, but not in a physical way but in another dimension, something a Medium says does happen. Those of you that have attended accurate spiritual readings will understand the messages are often not what we expected and sometimes it's not until later that we realise the importance of messages received. I do not believe that EVP recordings are of only a traumatic past, I have heard too many EVP recordings and there is nothing to suggest trauma only, some recordings have contained light hearted laughter. I can accept older buildings provide the best evidence of EVP due to the fact an older building could retain more information if Theory 1 is proved. There have been recordings which I have heard that suggests strongly that the emitted voice is interacting with the researcher. If a question was asked 'What is your name?' and almost immediately an unseen voice answers 'Joe Jones' and you later discover a person going by that name passed away in that very house, it's the clearest evidence yet that life of some form does exist after death. 
Theory 3: Interaction and Building Fabric.
It is certainly possible that both interaction as well as the fabric of the building emit the EVP. I am not suggesting that it's the fabric of the building that interacts with the researcher but a combination of the two. There have also been recordings of EVP that have been done outside and nowhere near a building, which could blow Theory 1 right out of the water. We can not rule out that EVP is from another dimension running parallel to our own, this is not such a crazy theory as you might think, no matter if the building they lived in was demolished years ago, the fact that it did exist forms part of the dimension that spirit also exist within it. Multiple dimensions are also in the realms of possibility and could explain the different time period slices often heard on recordings on EVP.
We now need to look at recordings of real people and events and to study how these sounds fit in with the frequency spectrum which you will find in Chapters 3 and 4.