The three strikes rule - When can you except something is 'Paranormal' and when you can rule it 'Supernatural'.

The internet is full of incidents that suggest 'this event' and 'that issue' is 'Paranormal'.  So when can you take a piece of evidence you have gathered and say with confidence 'Paranormal'?. You have to consider that any incident, no matter how strange it may seem at the time, that there maybe a natural reason for it.  Not everything is paranormal.

When any investigation is carried out, more so when the event is a 'payment to attend', there is always a certain degree of pressure on the Event Organiser to come up with something to make the event become 'paranormal'. Over the years I have lost faith in these events as explained elsewhere on this web site. A Medium suggesting they have a 'feeling' that there is a dark entity close by, is not evidence at all, it's a simple interpretation and nothing more. Likewise with some TV Shows, they start off fine, but all of them fall prey to the most common reason of their downfall -MONEY! Yes, the root of all evil! The TV Shows at some point, due to pressures of producers or the presenters own limitations, they start to fake events using the label 'for entertainment purposes only'.  Sexing something up is one thing, but lying is something very different. It does the real investigators no favours at all, it's corrupt and it's wrong. Don't fall into that same trap.

TRUE Evidence has to be information or data that can be researched later as part of study. Untouched and not enhanced. Anything less that that has to be treated as 'not trusted'.  So how can you rule an event in as possible paranormal? To be honest, it's not that difficult as long as you apply certain conditions and rules to your evidence gathering. Over the years I have developed my own method of classification, you can use my method or devise your own.

The first question you need to answer is who are you trying to convince? Yourself or your friends? - which would include internet forums and social sites. If you only need to prove it to yourself then it doesn't really matter. At the end of the day, no matter how good your evidence is you won't ever convince a closed off mind.
A simple formula for evidence.

Let us say you go to a 'haunted' location armed with nothing more than a camera. You take a single snap of a room and on viewing there is a mist in the shape of a person stood in front of a table. I know exactly what will be written if you placed that on the internet - Dust, Faked or Dirty Lens. That is what you will be faced with. You know it was genuine but I can assure you that others who were not there at the time will not be convinced. Adding the photos before and after the suspected photo may help, you can at least rule out the dust or dirty lens theory, but some still won't be convinced.
When I first started to investigate, I quickly realised that my sole interest in EVP was just not going to be good enough if I was to go on and prove the phenomena as a genuine paranormal or supernatural event which could not be explained by science alone.  I had to deploy other tools to gather evidence, no different to when investigating a crime.  Start with a fresh piece of paper which includes the location, just because your told 'it's haunted' doesn't mean it is. You have to rule that one in for yourself.
When your looking to rule any event as paranormal, you have to look at one single event, not for example a photo in a bedroom, an EVP in the kitchen and a spirit box recording in the hallway. These three examples are really three different incidents. You need one single incident but the ideal is with multiple evidence events and sources, the reason I suggest using multiple tools and equipment. So you need one incident which gives you multiple events of evidence.

As a general rule I use this simple formula:
1  Event  = Unexplained.
2 Events = Unusual.
3 Events = Paranormal.
4 Events = Paranormal/Supernatural.
5 Events = Supernatural.

If we break this down a little further, let us say for example, your in a room and your REM Pod that has been silent for two hours bleeps and the lights flash. You then take your temperature gauge and find this small area around the REM Pod is indicating a minus 5 degree centigrade difference but only in this area. You get out your IR Camera and start to film this event.  At the same time your K2 EMF meter goes into the red and your colleague using a MEL Meter also indicates the same. Filming this whole incident is vital due to the fact you have also recorded your equipment recording, bleeping and flashing. When you review the movie footage you see a mist around the same area that your equipment was indicating. And to help, you have recorded a Class A EVP in the same time frame as everything else.

So let us count these events up:
1. REM Pod.
2. Temp Meter.
3. Movie (mist).
4. K2 EMF meter.
5. Mel Meter.
6. EVP.

I think you would agree that all these events around one incident are 100% paranormal and maybe worthy of the Supernatural status. You would be highly delighted wouldn't you?. But hang on I have just messaged you a question.......... What was the size of the room? Were there any devices present such as microwaves and lights? What was the temperature before the events? What furniture was present? What was the state of the equipment batteries? What was the building made of - brick, stone? Were any of the windows open? What was the weather like outside? etc etc .... You forgot! All this excellent work has just been discredited at a stroke. I am sure you have now taken on-board what I am saying. Yes, data is data and it means everything when your reporting back your findings. Next time download the form 'INVESTIGATION REPORT FORM' and always fill it in before, during and after.

I hope you have found this page helpful and informative. You will learn as you go, that is a fact, but some lessons are harder and impossible to undo once the harm is done.  Don't fall into the same trap that many have, investigate well and record everything. If you do, then you might just find that one incident that takes you into the area many don't - Evidence and Proof of the Paranormal/Supernatural. Good luck!